Δραστηριότητες Δικτύωσης (Networking Activities) στην Κύπρο και το εξωτερικό

(Αποκεντρωμένη Δράση)

Τι είναι οι Δραστηριότητες Δικτύωσης και που στοχεύουν;
Οι Δραστηριότητες Δικτύωσης αποτελούν για τις Εθνικές Υπηρεσίες ένα εργαλείο μέσω του οποίου προωθούνται οι στόχοι και οι προτεραιότητες του ΕΣΑ με στόχο την ποιοτική εφαρμογή του Προγράμματος αλλά και την ενίσχυση του αντίκτυπου του στην ευρύτερη κοινωνία.

Οι Δραστηριότητες Δικτύωσης στοχεύουν:

– Στην ποιοτική εφαρμογή του Ευρωπαϊκού Σώματος Αλληλεγγύης (ΕΣΑ) και στην κινητοποίηση οργανισμών και ατόμων για συμμετοχή στο εν λόγω Πρόγραμμα

– Στην ανάπτυξη μίας κοινότητας μεταξύ των συμμετεχόντων του ΕΣΑ με στόχο την ενίσχυση του αντίκτυπου του Προγράμματος,

 – Στην ανάπτυξη των δυνατοτήτων των εγκεκριμένων οργανισμών να προσφέρουν ποικίλες κ ποιοτικές δραστηριότητες στους συμμετέχοντες του ΕΣΑ.

Ποιοι μπορούν να συμμετάσχουν: Οι Δραστηριότητες Δικτύωσης (Networking Activities) απευθύνονται σε

  • νέους/νέες που έχουν εγγραφεί στη βάση δεδομένων του ΕΣΑ και έχουν ήδη υλοποιήσει ή ενδιαφέρονται να υλοποιήσουν σχετικές δραστηριότητες στα πλαίσια του εν λόγω Προγράμματος,
  • μαθητές, φοιτητές, εθελοντές, εκπαιδευόμενους, εκπαιδευτικούς, μέντορες, άτομα που δραστηριοποιούνται στον τομέα νεολαίας (youth workers),
  • οργανισμοί (δημόσιοι και ιδιωτικοί, κοινωνικές επιχειρήσεις, ΜΚΟ και άλλοι) που δραστηριοποιούνται στους τομείς του ΕΣΑ,
  • φορείς που δύναται να λειτουργήσουν ως πολλαπλασιαστές στους τομείς του ΕΣΑ.

Τι στήριξη θα λάβω από την Υπηρεσία; Σε περίπτωση που επιλεγείς, η Εθνική Υπηρεσία (Ο Οργανισμός Νεολαίας Κύπρου) θα καλύψει ποσοστό του κόστους των μετακινήσεων σου (αεροπορικό εισιτήριο, εισιτήρια λεωφορείου κτλ), ενώ οι διοργανωτές θα σου παρέχουν τη διαμονή και τη διατροφή.

Πως μπορώ να συμμετάσχω;

  • Εγγράψου στην ιστοσελίδα του SALTO
  • Επίλεξε τη δραστηριότητα που σε ενδιαφέρει από τη λίστα των τρέχουσων ευκαιριών με ημερολογιακή σειρά που είναι αναρτημένη πιο κάτω, και υπόβαλε ηλεκτρονικά την αίτηση σου.

Τρέχουσες ευκαιρίες 

This training supports young people to develop their own project ideas in the field of environmental protection and climate action. It covers basic project management skills and the application procedure with the European Solidarity Corps.

Do you and your friends want to get active in climate protection and start a project in your neighbourhood or city? With an EU-funded solidarity project you receive 500 € per month to realize your project! Maybe you already have a vague idea for a project, or you just want to do something to protect our planet but don’t know how to get started? This Project lab gives you the space and support to develop your idea into a concrete project.

With this project lab you get the chance to:

  • connect & exchange with young people with similar interests from all over Europe
  • deepen your understanding about ecological challenges (with external experts and resources)
  • learn about project management (such as setting aims, communication, finances)
  • get to know sustainable practices for everyday life and for projects
  • receive details on the application procedure in the European Solidarity Corps programme
  • get inspiration and support to start a project

After completion of the course all participants receive a Youthpass as a certificate of participation.


Participation in this project lab is open to young people aged 18-30 years legally residing in one of the following countries:

  • Member States of the European Union
  • Iceland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Republic of North Macedonia
  • Turkey
  • Norway

If you and your friends already have formed a group to start a project, you should try to participate with 2-3 group members. However, you will all have to register separately.

It is also possible to participate as an individual, even if you do not have a project group yet.

Dates: 09 – 12 December 2021

Application Deadline: 22 November 2021

More information, as well as the online application form can be found at:


The online training activity aims to support and build up the capacities of organizations that actively participate in volunteering actions of the European Solidarity Corps, in order to ensure quality and impact in the respective projects.

Objectives and benefits of the training course

  • Foster understanding, awareness and commitment to core quality criteria of the European Solidarity Corps
  • Build up competences on how to design and implement European Solidarity Corps projects with a view to quality
  • Ensure clarity and support on how the programme works formally: opportunities, guidelines, structures, priorities, rules, and procedures
  • Give space to participants and their organisations to express burning issues and needs and offer support where possible
  • Foster a supportive community of organisations involved in the European Solidarity Corps


You are invited to take part in a multidimensional online training, during which not only you, but your entire organization may benefit. The training consists of individual and group work and encourages the involvement of other members of your organization. Training tasks will be distributed over two weeks: asynchronous activities, placed on the moodle platform – HOP, and synchronous -real-time online meetings on the ZOOM platform (4 mandatory sessions and 2 optional sessions open to members of your organisation).

We are looking for participants (together with other members of their organisations) who:

  • are involved in the Volunteering Actions in European Solidarity Corps Programme
  • are connected to organisations/institutions holding a Quality Label for Volunteering
  • have a crucial role in and commitment to
  • providing conditions for high quality activities
  • ensuring a positive impact of Volunteering Activities within their community
  • creating learning opportunities within the organisation and for volunteers
  • the other members of participants organisation are motivated to increase the quality of the projects

Dates: 6 – 16 December 2021

Application Deadline: 10 November 2021

More information as well as the online application form can be found at the following link https://www.salto-youth.net/tools/european-training-calendar/training/tosca-online-training-and-support-for-organisations-active-in-the-volunteering-actions-in-the-european-solidarity-corps-esc.9773/

An online training course aims to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to develop their own inclusion project under programs Erasmus+ or European Solidarity Corps.


  • to get awareness of project possibilities in Erasmus+ or European Solidarity Corps;
  • to gain understanding of principles of high quality inclusion projects and promote awareness of social inclusion;
  • to increase the number of high quality inclusion projects involving youngsters with fewer opportunities;
  • to support participants with the practical aspects of the project development and management: project cycle, finance management, application forms, content design etc.;
  • to create environment for existing and/or potential partnership development.

The training course is an exclusive since needs/interests of participants are the main factor in choosing concreate type of the programs’ project. This type of the project will be used to develop an inclusive youth project within the training course.

Training lasts four days – 6. – 8.12. and 13.12. 2021. starting from 9:00 – 17:00 (CET). The third day of the training (8.12.2021.) is devoted for individual work in project’s development making private consultations with trainers. Individual consultations are provided in Russian language if needed. 9. – 10.12. are time to discuss developed project with partners/youngsters in organization.

Applying for the training participants agree to participate in the training all time.

In order to ensure quality of the developed project it is recommendable that two persons per organization apply for the training.

Since training happens online in Zoom, participants from any program/partner country could participate in the training.

Dates: 06 – 13 December 2021

Country: Latvia, Online

Application Deadline: 23 November 2021

More information, as well as the online application form can be found at:

SALTO-YOUTH – European Training Calendar – Project Lab on Inclusion

What more would you like to do to ensure young people’s voice is better heard in the communities and in the public life?

Young people’s effective engagement in public and communal life is essential for sustaining democracy in Europe. Supporting youth participation in Europe is one of the cornerstones of the EU Youth Strategy (2019 – 2027) and the eleven Youth Goals annexed to it. The Erasmus+ Programme in the field of youth and the European Solidarity Corps are mechanisms to put the Youth Strategy in practice, and they provide young people and youth organisations a variety of opportunities to realise meaningful youth participation from local to European level.

The objectives are:

  • to explore, identify and reflect youth participation issues in Western Balkan Partner Countries and to find ideas and ways to address them;
  • to enable young people, youth workers and youth network representatives to use resources of European platforms when working on youth participation;
  • to provide space for co-creating projects and initiatives on youth participation at the local and regional level;
  • to offer opportunities for networking, synergising, collaborating and exchanging.

Target Group:

The event is open for professional and volunteer youth workers, youth leaders and youth network representatives and young people (possibly in a pair together with a youth worker) from the Western Balkan Partner Countries, who are keen on improving youth participation in the region. Participants are expected to commit fully to the 2,5 days long activity and have knowledge and experience in working on youth participation in their respective countries. Joint participation of youth workers and young person from same organization and community is welcomed.

Participants must be over 18 years old.


If the restrictions connected to the still ongoing Covid-19 pandemic will impact on the organisation of and participation in the activity in a way that it would be impossible to implement it residentially, then the lab will take place ONLINE 2 – 5 December.

Covid-19 related information:

Important to know before you apply: organiser will require from participants to strictly fulfil the rule vaccinated-recovered-tested to be able to participate to the seminar.

N.B.! The organisers will monitor the development of the ongoing Covid19-pandemic, and according to that, if the situation requires it, the activity might be implemented online (at the indicated dates). In case the activity can be realised as planned, the travel, health and safety recommendations in the participating countries will be fully respected. In case of a residential activity, all the participants will be accommodated in single rooms, masks will be used when and where required, and necessary sanitising equipment and measures will be arranged. More information will be provided directly to the selected participants.

Dates: 2-5 December 2021

Application Deadline: 17 November 2021

More information, as well as the online application form can be found at:


Training for youth organization leaders and representatives, focusing on the digital transformation and the improvement of the online footprint of these organizations.

The TCA “Digital transformation for youth organizations’ was developed to introduce youth organisations to the digital age and to train them to acquire their own digital footprint, which will have multiplier benefits in the impact of the Programme. Through the training. stakeholders will learn more about digital tools and good practices on how to have a more successful online presence.

Aims & Objectives

  • To empower youth organisations and their representatives (who have basic or limited technological training) to be digital.
  • To enable the autonomy of Youth organisations while saving resources, as they will not have to outsource technical tasks and outputs to external experts.
  • To facilitate access of youth organisations in rural areas to decentralized technical and technological education services.
  • To establish a cooperation network and exchange of good practices.
  • To strengthen the pillars of empowerment, engagement and connection of the new Youth policy of the EU.
  • To contribute to the digital action plan of the EU commission, via a thorough and affordable training program.

Target Group

Check out the criteria below and it might help you to decide whether you are the participant we are looking for:

  • Youth organisations: people in decision making positions (directors, managers, project managers, members of the board etc.), strongly affiliated with the organization, either through employment or in a volunteering position.
  • Youth workers with a direct link to one or more youth organizations.
  • Trainers, Educators and learning facilitators with a direct link to one or more Youth organizations.
  • Young people interested in new technologies who have the possibility of disseminating their knowledge to a range of target audiences (volunteers of international networks etc)
  • EU youth institutions, (National Agencies, SALTO Youth etc).

Dates: 29 November – 7 December 2021

Online, Greece

Application Deadline: 23 November 2021

More information, as well as the online application form can be found at https://www.salto-youth.net/tools/european-training-calendar/training/digital-transformation-of-youth-organizations.9798/

The role of mentors in European Solidarity Corps’ (ESC) volunteering projects and its impact on quality will be explored and highlighted in this course.

Aim of the course:

To enable competence development in mentoring through interactive online learning in view of improved quality within the European Solidarity Corps/Volunteering Programme.


  • To create a better understanding about the ‘Volunteering’ part of the European Solidarity Corps Programme and a shared view on the quality aspects of projects within it.
  • To offer space and support for the exchange of good practices and participants’ realities regarding mentoring within the Programme.
  • To develop participants’ mentoring competences in areas such as learning guidance and facilitation, communication and active listening, goal setting and monitoring thus improving their role and service quality.
  • To explore and share methods, tools and resources related to mentoring.

Participants’ profile:

Everyone with basic or advanced experience in the ‘European Solidarity Corps – Volunteering’ Programme (or its predecessor, European Voluntary Service) but with a great intention and motivation to develop their mentoring capacity or share their mentoring experience within the volunteering projects!


The course will consist of:

  1. a) 5 training sessions on SALTO’s ‘HOP’ Online Learning Platform.
  2. b) 4 ‘Zoom’ (https://www.zoom.us/) meet-ups. These ‘meetups’ are synchronous; it means, we will be video-conferencing and the timings should be already noted down in your agenda!

Dates: 29 November – 10 December 2021

Application Deadline: 1 November 2021

More information, as well as the online application form can be found at:


We want to open the door to new fields in volunteering! The event aims to bring together different organisations, newcomers and the ones that have experience and are interested in new fields of volunteering.


  • Create a frame for sharing experience in the field of volunteering, from different areas of expertise
  • Discuss and understand Solidarity as one of the core values in volunteering
  • Explore new fields of volunteering beyond the outreach of the former European Voluntary Service programme
  • Motivate the organisations to join the European Solidarity Corps community
  • Support networking between organisations and encourage them to establish trans-national projects in the framework of the European Solidarity Corps programme

Target group:

  • Newcomer organisations / institutions interested in stepping in the Solidarity Corps volunteering action, with or without the Quality Label.
  • Experienced organisations interested to have new partners in new fields of volunteering

Programme and methodology

The event is a networking activity that aims to generate new partnerships across Europe for volunteering. The programme will be based on the principles of non-formal learning. The methods used will be interactive and participatory. There will be space for participants to share their experience and expertise in all types of volunteering. The programme includes field visits in host country. Also, this event is a blended event, having in mind the two moments where the group will meet also online:

  • The selected participants will be invited on HOP online learning platform to start the preparation for the event.
  • On 22nd November, the selected participants will be invited for a online introduction session from 9:30 – 16:00(lunch break at 13:00 – 14:00). The aim of this session is to get to know the group and explore already information regarding the European Solidarity Corps programme.
  • On 17th January 2022, the selected participants will be invited for an online evaluation meeting from 9:30 – 13:00.

Dates: 29 November – 3 December 2021

Country: Finland (To be confirmed)

Application Deadline: 11 October 2021

More information, as well as the online application form can be found at:

SALTO-YOUTH – European Training Calendar – Blended event: Solidarity_Opening the door to new volunteering fields

Did you know you can organise international volunteering projects for your young people from disadvantaged backgrounds? Come and discover what the European Solidarity Corps can do for you and the young people you work with.


In only 3 working days, we show you the possibilities the European Solidarity Corps has to offer young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. A volunteering project might just be the life-changing opportunity for the disadvantaged young people you are working with: e.g. those from minority backgrounds, with special needs or a disability, with socio-economic difficulties, discriminated groups, in difficult situations, with limited opportunities… This Mobility Taster course gives you concrete examples of what is possible, brings you in contact with other inclusion youth organisations, shows you what funding is available specifically for youth inclusion projects and walks you step-by-step through the process in case you would like to give it a try.


This course is for NEWCOMERS to the European Solidarity Corps who are directly working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds (e.g. youth worker, social worker…).

  • If you NEVER organised an international volunteering project with your target group before and would like to know what is possible, then this course is for you!
  • If you ALREADY HAVE organised volunteering projects for young people, please check the European Training Calendar for a more appropriate youth work training because this Mobility Taster is for NEWCOMERS 😉
  • This course is not for school-related activities such as school exchanges or projects for pupils (please contact the Lifelong Learning colleagues of Erasmus+ for this). This course welcomes applicants with special needs (contact SALTO Inclusion representative [email protected] salto-youth.net to ask about support possibilities).

Dates: 22 – 26 November 2021

Country: Denmark

Application Deadline: 7 October 2021

More information, as well as the online application form can be found at https://www.salto-youth.net/tools/european-training-calendar/training/mobility-taster-for-inclusion-organisations-focus-on-volunteering-denmark.9538/

The online training course aims to equip newcomers with information on implementing volunteering projects within the frame of European Solidarity Corps programme.

Are you interested in involving young volunteers in your activities? Do you come from an institution, such as school, dormitory, library or other public or private institution? Would you like to find out how to implement volunteering projects in your local community? If any of these you answered with yes, then this training course is for you!

This training course is an opportunity for institutions that are mainly not a part of the European Solidarity Corps to get familiarized with the information and practicalities of volunteering projects under the ESC programme. Priority will be given to institutions that have Quality label (QL) or are in the process of obtaining QL.

The aim of the training course is to talk about the Quality label aspects and consequently – project implementation and raising projects’ quality.

Specific objectives are the following:

  • to explore how to find potential project partners;
  • to discuss and explore how to maintain good volunteer and partnership relations;
  • to learn how to select international volunteers and what mechanisms to use;
  • to raise awareness about all quality aspects relevant for the implementation of activities.
  • This phase is oriented towards understanding the practical details of the European Solidarity Corps programme and how to implement them in the best possible way.

The profile of the expected participants is the following:

  • they come from institutions (schools, dormitories, libraries, social care institutions, etc.), especially those that have Quality label or are in the process of obtaining one;
  • have a good level of English (speaking and understanding);
  • having experience with volunteering on local level is an asset;
  • are completely available to commit to the full time participation in the period of the training course.

Dates: 15 – 23 November 2021

Application Deadline: 22 October 2021

More information as well as the online application form can be found at the following link:https://www.salto-youth.net/tools/european-training-calendar/training/let-s-volunteer-third-phase.9745/